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Wade's desire to scuba dive began when he was a teenager.  However, he finally had the opportunity to learn while working in Korea.  He and a buddy who was working in Korea as well took a trip to Thailand to learn to dive.  They did their Open Water and Advanced Courses there.

When Wade came back to the United States, he wanted to continue his diving education.  He continued with his Rescue course in Monterey, California with another buddy, Kevin.  Wade came to Boise in 1999 for what was to be a temporary assignment, he continued his dive education with the PADI Divemaster course, where he and Claudia met, and then did the PADI Assistant Instructor course.

Wade has continued his dive education and gone on to PADI Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer and now IDC Staff Instructor.  Wade loves to dive and says he'll dive in just about any “mudhole!”  However, trips to the Caribbean and the Pacific are pretty good too!

Wade & Claudia


Wade & A Whale Shark.

Yes Whale Sharks are THAT big!!!

Claudia nose to nose with a potato cod.

That huge potato cod was like a little puppy dog!

My sons wanted to learn how to scuba dive!  I decided that I needed to take the class as well ~ someone had to be along to “protect” them!  I thought I would be nervous, that I would feel confined underwater with only a little “breathing tube” to depend on for my air. I HAD been snorkeling!  

However, the first time I sat down on the bottom of the pool, breathing from a regulator, I felt free, I loved it!  My continuing experience with diving has only confirmed that love ~ even when diving locally in sometimes very low visibility - although I could do without the cold!  :)

I continued my training because I wanted to gain more experience, I wanted to be a better diver.  I found during that time that I enjoyed sharing my new-found knowledge, and decided to take my first step on the dive professional ladder ~ Divemaster!  After that, I kept going ~ Assistant Instructor, Open Water Scuba Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, IDC Staff Instructor, Master Instructor and now PADI Course Director!

My continuing education has been in learning many specialties that I can share with students.

What a journey it has been!  Amazing, considering the somewhat nervous student my first dive instructor had to start with!